Share Accounts

Share accounts earn interest at tiered rates.  A minimum is $5 is required to maintain an account, and a minimum of $500 is required to earn dividends.  Share accounts must have a minimum $200 balance or a fee of $2 will be charged for withdrawals.


Vacation Accounts


Share Draft (Checking/Transaction) Accounts
An active share draft account is free as long as a balance of $200 is maintained in the regular share account.  There is no minimum balance in the share draft account.  The Credit Union even provides the first order of checks free! 
Click here for our share draft information packet, and contact the Credit Union when you decide you’d like to open one!   


Debit Cards

MasterMoney debit cards (through the MasterCard system) are available at no cost.  A share draft/transaction account is required.  A fee of only 50 cents applies for ATM withdrawals, and no fees apply when used like a check at merchants.  Just remember to select “CREDIT” and sign for your transactions because it helps the Credit Union!



A variety of loan types are available including vehicle (new and used), signature, home equity, and share secured.  Call us to discuss your options.


Direct Deposit/Payroll Deduction


Discount Movie & Park Tickets






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Address Change Form


A signature is now required by the NCUA for account address changes.