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Types of Accounts:

· Share (Savings) Accounts
Regular shares with $5 minimum balance required for membership.

· Club Accounts
Christmas Clubs or Vacation Clubs

· Transaction Accounts
Share drafts (checking) - debit card optional
Or debit card only
Click here for more information about our debit card program.


Services Available:

· Direct Deposit (Our routing number is 2313-8680-7)

· Payroll Deduction

· Discount Movie & Amusement Park Tickets

· Check Cashing (with $100 minimum balance in shares)

· No-fee Notary Service (Wyoming & Wilkes-Barre offices)


Insurance Benefits:

· Life Savings Insurance
Provided at no cost for members—up to $2,000!
Contact the Credit Union for further info.

· Loan Protection Insurance (Life Insurance on Loans)
Provided at no cost for members under age 70
(Excludes home equity loans)
$15,000 maximum


Check out for discounts from DIRECTV, Dell, Sprint, and more, just for being a credit union member!

Penn Wilco Federal Credit Union

P.O. Box 1233

Wilkes-Barre, PA 18703-1233

To contact us:


Text Box: Our share draft and 
transaction account programs 
are free as long as…
...there is at least 1 transaction per month and $200 balance is maintained in regular shares 
...$100 balance is maintained 
continually in the share draft/
transaction account.
Text Box: Membership is for life! 
Once you join, you may remain 
a member even if you switch employers.
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